All About Dave Kontak

Fine Arts
From an early age I knew that I loved to draw and make prints and this led to persuing both my BA and MA in Fine Art. My professional career began when I became a teacher of visual art at Kent State University, where I taught drawing and printmaking. During this time my artwork was featured in numerous exhibitions at local galleries and museums.

Alterpiece   SamuraiMan   Treehouse
Alterpiece, Woodcut Print   Samurai Man, Screen Print   Tree House, Woodcut Print


I’ve always enjoyed music, but did not become proficient until I took up bass guitar as a young adult. Since that time I’ve played bass in numerous jazz, rock and blues bands. I’ve also participated in experimental music projects using combinations of spoken word and avant garde music, free / improvised jazz and sound effects. These solo and small group performances have featured many of my non-traditional instruments.

BeatDetectives   TwoFingers   SafetyLast
Beat Detectives, Cleveland, OH   Two Fingers, Ft. Collins, CO   Safety Last, Concord, Nh


Occupational Therapy
During my early art career I supplemented my position as a teacher with part time work as a volunteer crisis counselor and in the field of mental health treatment. From these experiences, I learned that I enjoyed doing work that involved helping others. This led to employment at a therapy pool, and ultimately to my MS in Occupational Therapy and a career working for people with disabilities as an Assistive Technology Specialist.


Bringing It Together
This website is the place where I can bring all of these parts of my life together. Here you will find uniquely designed instruments that spring from the creativity of fine arts training and my desire to push musical boundaries. You will also find biomechanical adjustments to traditional instruments stemming from my therapeutic training and my interest in ergonomics. My hope is that you will find the material intriguing and thought provoking.

FourStringFrettedBass   LargeGroanTubes   AdaptedKeyboard
Four String Fretted Bass   Large "Groan" Tubes   Adapted Keyboard


MS in Occupational Therapy, Colorado State University
MA in Fine Art, University of Colorado, Boulder
BA in Fine Art, Kent State University


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